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My name is Elizabeth and I am an avid crafter. I have been making and selling my handcrafted jewelry for the past 8 years. In 2010 I rediscovered my interest in scrapbooking. I work full time in the banking field, mother to 2 beautiful girls and a wife to an awesome husband that provides support to my crafting needs. I am looking forward to sharing with you my creations and I hope you find inspiration from them.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Weight Loss Journey Update

Today marks a month on my journey to losing weight and getting healthy. I jumped on this with the mentality that it would be easy cause I have done this before with little effort yet seeing results.  However, I have forgotten that I have gotten a little older and my body is beginning to change. What use to work for me before does not work the same now... The first couple of weeks have been a great struggle. I went 2 straight years crafting  participating in challenges, hops, swaps all while working full time and running an on-line store and unable to get some exercise squeezed in my busy schedule. Where did that lead me today?  I packed on an additional 20 lbs on top of my already over weight body. Not good... this has caused healthy issues that I should be concerned of. I am borderline diabetic, borderline high cholesterol, swollen ankles and feet, horrible back pains and breathing problems. Of course I had to knock some sense into myself and stop being lazy. So what did I do? Well I had to make changes...small changes but I know results will be seen. I cut down on sugar intake...replaced sugar with Splenda. I have to have my cup of coffee in the morning but I cut down to only one 12oz cup opposed to 3 12oz cups. I do not drink Coke anymore. Water is my choice of drink now. For breakfast I will have a 8oz cup of cheerios and 8oz cup of 2% milk, mid morning snack is greek yogurt, lunch is Healthy's Choice Country Vegetable soup and any Healthy's Choice, Smart Ones or Lean Cuisine meal that is no more than 300 cal and minimum 4g of fiber, mid afternoon snack a fruit and dinner would be vegetables and protein. I make sure to get exercise everyday and Sunday will be my rest day. There is a lovely park across the street from where I work. It is about a 15 min. walk around. Every day after I have my lunch I walk across the street and around the park and come back to the office. In rain or shine I am out there getting my steps in. After work I alternate days one day I walk with the family for a mile about and hour walk and the next day I am on my elliptical for 20 min. and so on... I get about 5 hours of exercise a week. Not bad, huh? So how am I feeling? I feel great! I am feeling pumped to continue this journey. I get impatient when I am sitting trying to chill cause my body just wants to keep on moving. Heck, I am getting impatient now writing this. LOL! So far I have gotten rid of 6 lbs. My goal is to get rid of a total of 40 lbs. I say "get rid of" cause I don't want to say "lose" cause then that means it can be found and I do not want to find excess weight. I want if gone like good riddance gone. So my journey continues to month 2....keep you posted. 

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